In today’s digital world, all companies need an effective social media marketing strategy. Social campaigns help draw more attention to your company.

You can utilize different strategies to promote your company as whole or individual products and services. But are your social media strategies working? Are you receiving a good return on investment (ROI) on your Facebook ads? Do you need some help understanding your social media marketing effectiveness?

Read these tips and improve your social media marketing skills.

A Few Pointers

Every social media marketer has their own goals. But there are a few key aspects that are vital for all social media marketers. These include:


You can easily measure your brand’s social value by your traffic. Are you gaining new followers? Are you receiving a lot of shares, likes and comments? Even if these actions don’t generate revenue, social traffic still shows brand value.


If you notice your sales are increasing, your social efforts are probably working.

The online world offers more marketing strategies. Social media offers an incredible branding opportunity. When people remember your brand, they will buy your products or services.

If you notice an increase in social traffic with matching revenue increase means your social media marketing strategy is effective.


Brand awareness is something any company can achieve on social media. When you gain more followers, you can easily track your leads-to-sales conversions.


As you run more promotional marketing strategies, your followers will increase. When more people follow your brand, they will see your posts. They will remember your brand and will buy your products or services.

Your followers are also a signal of your customer base. If an existing customer is satisfied with your business, they will continue following and supporting your company.

Identify Metrics

When you run a social media campaign, always gauge your campaign’s success by your metrics. What’s the best way to judge performance based on metrics?

You can track conversions, especially from social ads. If you released an ad, you can monitor how many sales you generated from that ad. Or, if you have an increase in followers, see if you received more sales.

Always combine your past metrics with your current metrics. This includes followers, traffic, sales, and engagement.

You’re Targeting the Correct Audience

Chances are, your brand is reaching out to a niche audience. Always ensure those who interact with your posts are in your niche. You can identify this by studying your comments and the profiles who follow and like your brand.

While you may have a follower increase, these accounts could be robots or spambots. They can also be general accounts who follow as many brands and expect a follow back.

You want to ensure your followers are genuine and care about your brand.

Time to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media can help bring in new leads and increase brand awareness. Many social media platforms offer an easy and cheap way to promote your brand. But are your social media efforts truly boosting your brand?

Identifying metrics, sales, and your audience are the core ways to understand the effectiveness of your social strategy.

Do you need help tracking your social media channels? Let’s help you.


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