We get asked all the time, “What is beacon marketing?” Well…in it’s simplest form, it’s a way for businesses to engage with their customers on their mobile device when they are physically close to their location. Businesses use a small device aka beacon that can be placed anywhere at their location what sends out a “message” via bluetooth to any individual near the beacon (from within a few feet to up to 300 ft away). The message can be a simple website with specific on-location only deals or specific information the business wants the customer to see that could help increase spending.

The great thing about our platform for the business owner is that it’s all WEB-BASED. This means that the owner can make changes to the deals/loyalty program/info whenever and wherever they want. They other benefit is that the business does not have to invest thousands of dollars to build their own mobile app. We utilize a platform that is entirely web-based. We develop a Mobile Web App for the business that does not need to be submitted to any app store. Changes can be made quickly.

The benefit to the customer is that they don’t have to download “another” mobile app. “App Fatigue” is becoming more and more of a problem. Let’s not ADD to the problem. Let’s make your customers’ lives easier. See below for more info.


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